High Quality

Our dedication to quality is reflected in access to the best of the best fabrics.


We create new models and new colours, which are not just trendy.


Stylish tissues for stylish events.


Exclusive design, high quality materials, manufacturing excellence.


Delicate colours, fine materials, surprising but also discreet combinations: pure elegance.

Confezioni Tessili

Our clients' opinion is essential to us. Overcoming your expectations, this is our aim.

Our commitment is to create harmony – the result of a permanent, careful selection of products. Exclusive design, high quality materials and manufacturing excellence are the hallmarks of all our products.

The quest for excellence throughout the production chain has always been the mission of Confezioni Tessili.
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The Tissues

The neatness of poly cotton is a classic for ceremonies meant to be remembered for a long time.
Here at Confezioni Tessili, the tissues are the real stars: from the damask of Flanders and linen blends to poly cotton.

Our tissues will surely satisfy any requirements, no matter how strict they are.

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